Relax – we got this…

If you own vacation rental property in the Amelia Island area and are trying to  maintain from afar,  consider listing your property with our  team of vacation rental professionals at Sand Dollar Vacation Rentals LLC.

Worry less, because we live here.  We are available “on site” 24X7 with access to a crew of well known vendors.   You can know your property is being monitored and in good hands.

We are a small group of retired airline employees who have traveled the world. and we know what vacationers want.  We also bring over 15+ years of property management experience.

We can market your property with appealing up to date photography and exploit the local  tourism partners.   You will have full transparency of your rental activity and receive timely accounting of your rental income.

We monitor the market, and adjust prices to meet the demand, providing customized pricing for your individual property.

Enjoy some peace of mind , call us at 1 (904) 206-7789  for a “meet the team” consultation.  Email for more information.